Growth Track

Growth Track

Growth Track Class 101 starts on Sunday, July 8th!  Come and meet Pastor Ryan and his wife, Leslie!


Welcome to the Growth Track at North Valley! God designed His Church to be like a family, a home in which to gather, grow, and go into our community. Our goal is to help prepare you to do just that through the Growth Track, a series of classes that introduce you to the church as well as help you understand our vision to reach our community and find your spot on Team North Valley.

At North Valley, we GATHER to worship Jesus, GROW in Christ-centered maturity through discovering our God-given design for ministry, and GO into our community to share and show the love of Jesus. Each class of the Growth Track will teach and equip you to take your next step in this process.

Growth Track classes run the first four Sundays of every month (with a few exceptions). If you miss a week, come in the next time around! The best progression is to take the classes in order, but don’t let that stop you from attending any class when it is available, then come back to any class that you missed.

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Week 1 – Class 101

Christ-centered Membership -- GATHER to worship Jesus – It all starts here! Healthy families have a common vision and set of values. We share with you who we are as a church, what we believe, and how we are set up. You then have the opportunity to become a member of the family.


Week 2 – Class 201

Christ-centered Maturity -- GROW in Christ-centered maturity – In this class we equip you to grow in your faith by looking at four healthy habits of a follower of Jesus. These habits will energize and renew your spiritual life: Prayer, Bible reading, Giving, and Serving.


Week 3 – Class 301

Christ-centered Ministry -- GROW in discovering your God-given design for ministry – “Ministry” is not just for Pastors. Every follower of Jesus is uniquely designed to fit in the local church, the family, to help the family grow! We help you discover your design by exploring how God made you and then finding your spot on Team North Valley. This is our team of amazing volunteers! We are a family of Christians who are living, giving, and serving together at North Valley.


Week 4 – Class 401

Christ-centered Mission -- GO – Explore local and global missions and what this looks like for you personally, including your own God story. This class equips you to understand the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel.


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