God designed His church to be like a family, a home in which to GATHER, GROW and prepare to GO out into our world. That's exactly what North Valley Community Church hopes to be for you: an exciting and loving family!

A healthy family has a common vision and set of values. That's why at North Valley we want to share with you what we believe and where we're headed as a new church.  We want to help you live in line with your design. We believe God made us for more than just existing – but for life to the fullest!

This is what we call a Christ-centered life. A life centered around Jesus! God designed you for worship, to be part of his family, and to be part of his mission. It’s by living out this Christ-centered life that we discover what God truly made us for!

At North Valley, we have a series of classes designed to GATHER you together as a church family, to GROW you in Christ-centered maturity, and to prepare you to GO out into your community and the world and shine Christ to all people.

What are others saying about the classes?

"The content was wonderful and I loved the notes!! Very well organized and very motivational as it relates to our being in the Word, Prayer, Fellowship and Giving. I also liked that you told us to take the form home and pray about it before we sign it. The time went by fast...I liked the food, the game and the breaks. I'm looking forward to the next class!"


Are you exploring North Valley as your church home? Maybe you have been gathering with us for a while and are interested in taking the next step. Class 101 is our introduction to the North Valley Community Church family. It all starts here!

The class is broken into four sections covering:

  • Our Story
  • Our Beliefs
  • Our Strategy
  • Our Structure

These sections are covered through online videos. At the end of the class, there is an opportunity for you to decide whether to complete the process of becoming a member of the church by completing an online Membership Application, or to wait and decide at another time. The final step is a graduation gathering with others who are joining in membership too.

This class is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about our church or who wants to take the next step in committing to North Valley Community Church through membership.

"Great job guys. Extremely well done...time moved fast and coverage was excellent!"

Click here to register for Class 101



Are you ready to take next steps at North Valley and grow in your faith? Do you wonder how you can grow as a Believer and live more like Jesus? Class 201 is designed to answer these and other questions!

In this class, we will look at four spiritual habits that will energize and renew your spiritual life, growing you in Christ-centered maturity. Every Christian needs these in order to grow:

  • Prayer
  • Bible Reading
  • Financial Giving
  • Fellowship (spending time with the family)

This class is designed for members of North Valley Community Church, those who have completed Class 101 and turned in the membership application.

"I really enjoyed the Class 201. I think you really did a good job and I'm really looking forward the 301. I wanna help out build up the church."

"The 201 was great...learned a lot and got [my husband] doing his reading and made it better for him to understand...we sat down for 2-1/2 hours just summarizing the class 101 and the next time 201."



"Ministry" is not just for Pastors. We believe that every Christian is a minister and we want to help you discover how you fit in the local church according to God's unique design for you. Together we will explore spiritual gifts, personalities, skills & abilities, and heart passions. Class 301 is designed to explore how God has made you in order to identify where you best fit to serve and build up the Church, and what that looks like practically.

This class is designed for members of North Valley Community Church who have completed both Class 101 and Class 201.

"I found the class very interesting and right on the North Valley Church context. The time went too fast!"



What does it mean to share and show the love of Jesus in our city and around the world? Do you wonder what this "mission" looks like for you personally? Class 401 is designed to equip and empower you to go boldly into your area of influence and share the Gospel. You will learn how to communicate your personal story, and together we will explore what God is doing in our city, our nation, and the whole world.

This class is designed for members of North Valley Community Church who have completed Class 101, Class 201, and Class 301.

"I thought the preparation and presentation was EXCEPTIONAL!"