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As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: 1 Peter 4:10 ESV Over the next two weeks in this small blog series… Husbands will learn… How to better serve your wife emotionally How to better serve your wife spiritually How to better serve your wife physically Wives will learn… ...

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Love and Marriage Teaching Series Resources

A resource list for the Marriage Teaching Series...

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Greater Joy Awaits

Have you ever walked outside and saw the beauty of a sunrise in the morning? Or looked out your window to see the foothills and mountains and ask God, "How did you make everything?...

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Earthly Joy

At the announcement of Christ’s birth, we see that these angels share that this good news will result in great joy. But the shepherds will not initially feel great joy but rather great fear! Rather the angels explain that if they receive this good news, it will result in great joy. ...

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Experiencing More Joy

Do you ever wonder why Christmas sermons so often talk about joy? That’s because the birth of Christ is described as resulting in great joy, as the angel says, the joy of Jesus. But what about the times you just don’t feel it, even as a Christian?...

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Joy to the World

Have you ever thought about what creates happiness? Some people think that some people are born more happy than others....

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Good News of Christ the King

Have you ever been so excited to share some good news with a friend or family member that you can hardly wait? You know that this news is going to bring lots of joy!...

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Glory and Praise

Have you ever seen something so awesome you don’t know what else to do but to use the most amazing words to describe it? Like seeing the Grand Canyon or a shooting star or an early morning sunrise or evening sunset....

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Made Known the Saying

Have you ever been so excited about something you saw that you had to share about it? Maybe a favorite TV show, or a movie, or a joke? Maybe something funny that happened to you, something so interesting that you had to tell others?...

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What’s So Good about the Good News?

Have you ever been excited to give someone a gift? Or maybe you recall a time someone else was about to give you a gift, and the smile all over his or her face made you happy! Here in today’s verses we find the angels, a little jittery and giddy to share this good news about this long awaited gift from God, Jesus Christ the Lord!...

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