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Don’t delay

A wedding is a marker in life. Before, these two people were part of two different families; now they are one new family. A wedding ceremony isn’t the only thing that creates a marriage, of course, but it does mark the beginning of a new chapter of life and it has a real spiritual and legal effect on the couple’s relationship. And it’s done in public so that everyone...

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Hear and obey

You’ve heard the saying “Do as I say, not as I do”? When teaching others, it’s easy to see where we are hypocritical or lazy. Fortunately, Jesus wasn’t like that all. His death and resurrection is the means of salvation, but His life, including the things He did AND said, are an example of what we too should do in order to be sanctified (to be more holy)....

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God blesses Jesus’ baptism

When was the last time you were at a high school graduation? It seems like there’s always one family that just can’t hold back from shouting and cheering when their graduate is announced. They are so proud they just can’t keep from identifying themselves as the family...

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Jesus and John

Sometimes when I’m eating with my children, I eat things I don’t enjoy, even some things I dislike. I could just insist they try new foods on their own, but I want to set a good example. Asking them to do something I won’t do myself makes teaching them much less effective....

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John’s baptism

Before Jesus started preaching Himself, His cousin John has his own ministry of preaching repentance, calling the people to confess their sins, and baptizing them. The old Testament prophets had predicted that there would be a messenger who came to prepare the way for the Messiah, and that was John....

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Jesus’ birth, our birth: being born again to new life

We have a lot of ways to talk about apologizing to other people. Bury the hatchet, kiss and makeup, wipe the slate clean, extend the olive branch. How about “start over”?...

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Our birth: the glory of God

When you think someone you like and respect, do their faults and weaknesses come to mind first? You probably could name some of their less-than-perfect qualities, but when you think of loved ones, you probably remember their good points first....

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Our birth: nothing very special

Just like Jesus started out life as a helpless baby, part of a normal human family, we also share many of the same weaknesses He had: having a body that is subject to hunger, injury, sickness, and death; experiencing difficult and broken relationships; facing temptation....

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Jesus’ birth: a man like us

Every new baby is helpless. Even if a child is born as a king or a billionaire, he still needs help to eat, to sleep, and to stay clean. Jesus was born as God, with great majesty and power, but He was equally and genuinely human....

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Jesus’ birth: Born with honor and royalty

When we think of Jesus’ birth, we often think of His humility...

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