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The theological meaning of Jesus’ birth, part 2

Today, we conclude answering some of the most common questions regarding God entering history as the man Jesus Christ. The truth is Jesus was fully man and fully God. He lived life perfectly as a man, to serve as our example and a flawless substitute sacrifice in our place. ...

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The theological meaning of Jesus’ birth, part 1

In order to describe the theological significance of Jesus’ birth, theologians like to use the word incarnation. It comes from the Latin meaning “in the flesh.” Incarnation refers to the Christian doctrine that God, who is spirit, took upon Himself human flesh and came as the God-man, the Lord Jesus Christ....

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The historical facts of Jesus’ birth

Luke introduces us to Augustus Caesar, who was ruling at the time that Jesus was born. Augustus Caesar was a very important political leader who ruled over the Roman Empire, one of the most prominent, longstanding, far-reaching empires in the history of the world. He was the adoptive son of Julius Caesar. ...

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God, Jesus Christ, and the abiding guidance of the Holy Spirit are walking through our community and NVCC is prepared to welcome folks with open arms and the Love that can only come from The Living Son of God. See you on Christmas Eve. Keep on Praying!...

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The birth of Jesus Christ

Every Christmas, cards start arriving in the mailbox and songs echo at the mall with the word “Immanuel.” But what does that mean?...

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Replace anxiety with history

Mary has two options in light of all that has happened in her life. She can either give in to anxiety, or she can focus on history: What has God done?...

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Replace worry with worship

One of the lessons we learn from Mary’s example is to replace worry with worship. It’s okay to be concerned about your life, and to make plans for your future. But Jesus says do not worry (Matt. 6:25...

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Song is a means of enjoying, honoring, recognizing, and proclaiming God. Human beings were made to sing...

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Mary’s song

Mary’s song lists at least 17 attributes of the God she loves....

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Worshipping instead of worrying

Unmarried. Poor. Young. Pregnant with God. Mary has a lot to worry about. Rather than worrying, however, we find her worshipping in Luke 1:46...

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