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God Called North Valley Family to Pursue a Life of Generosity

Ever think about how giving is not so much about something we do, but rather something we are? In the Bible generosity is something that characterizes the early church Christians! Being generous wasn’t something they did, it was something they were!...

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God's Grace Invites Two Guys to Start a Student Ministry

Pastor Ryan, is calling this one of the most important messages of this year, because of the great opportunity and great need to reach the next generation for Christ in the North Valley of Phoenix! ...

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Meet David and Rima Torres, members of North Valley. Their marriage went through a 7-year struggle. David’s job took him out of state every week and Rima was caring for ailing parents. They admit God and their marriage was not a high priority....

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God’s Grace Adopts…Literally!

Jayson and Carmen Palaus became foster parents in September 2013. “A huge need for foster families exists,” they said. “Our mindset was: attempt to fill that need. If a child was placed that needed permanency we would consider it.” ...

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When asked what he wished to share with the congregation Bill had no hesitation in stating, “Grace is too good a thing to keep to ourselves. People need the body of Christ. No one should go through life alone.” North Valley Community Church is here to meet that exact need. ...

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Leslie describes some of her feelings before Christ as ‘guilt, shame, loneliness.’ At one point, she had all the world could offer yet still felt empty and powerless. God is truly amazing in meeting us right where we are at our lowest point and inviting us into a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. Leslie’s magnificent story of overcoming ...

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Young Man Sold Out for God!

“I always felt like I was stuck in the middle between them. As long as I can remember I believed there was something, or someone making this world go around, I just couldn’t find a way to connect it.” says Kevin. ...

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Dad is Ready to Baptize his Daughter!

The day Will was baptized was one of the greatest moments of his life. There is nothing he wants more than for his family to experience the same level of joy and fulfillment he found since he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Will has been talking to Emily about Baptism since he was baptized over a year ago. ...

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Mother and Daughter to Share their Faith through the Joy of Baptism

Casey and Daphne are going to be baptized at North Valley on Sunday, September 10th! We are excited for them and their decision to follow Jesus as they make their public proclamation together before the church family. It is going to be a beautiful moment for everyone as mother and daughter experience the sweet opportunity to share their faith through the joy of Baptism. ...

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Living at Peace in an Anxious World. New Message Series

Living at peace in an anxious world is possible if you know the prince of peace! In this four-week message series, you are going to see the sweet sovereignty of God unfold in the life of Daniel, an Old Testament hero of our faith! God worked powerfully in Daniel’s life just as he can works in peoples lives today! What was Daniel’s secret?...

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