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Day 19: Crazy Courage

Friends bring out different aspects of your personality. With some people, you might be serious. With others, you might do crazy, silly things. The paralyzed man had friends who were serious about ministering to him, even it took some crazy steps to do it. They were ready to do whatever it took to help him....

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Day 18: Ministry of Mercy

How do you react when someone hurts you? It probably depends. Was it accidental or intentional? Are they sorry or unconcerned? Will they do it again, or are they making sure it won’t happen a second time? As Jesus was ministering to sinners, the way He treated people varied a lot....

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Day 17: All Kinds of People

Have you ever tried to teach or train someone who didn’t want to learn? It’s hard! On the other hand, when someone is motivated and eager to learn, teaching can be much easier. Jesus ministered to people of all kinds, to His followers and opponents alike....

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Day 16: Jesus' Holistic Ministry Approach

After Jesus’ baptism and temptation, He began going all over Israel, starting His public ministry--the time He spent interacting with others to show them why He had come. From the story of the paralyzed man, we can see three key parts of His ministry....

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His temptation, our temptation

Jesus suffered temptation, fought it, and succeeded so that we could know that we could do it too. He also experienced how difficult and painful it can be, so He knows that fighting temptation is difficult....

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Fighting sin the Jesus way

Jesus fights temptation with scripture. Three times the devil tempts Jesus, and three times Jesus says, “It is written.” He is quoting the Bible. Using God’s own words is the most powerful weapon we have. The devil can’t argue with God Himself. By using scripture, you can be certain the thought or words you use to defend yourself are true and right!...

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Three kinds of temptation, part 2

The final temptation the devil has for Jesus is, in some ways, the most basic. In other words, the kind of sin that leads to all other sins. He wants Jesus to worship something besides God and to take God’s power and glory for Himself....

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Three kinds of temptation, part 1

The devil presented Jesus with three different kinds of temptation. They aren’t the only kinds of temptation, but they are some good example of the types of temptations we all face....

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What is temptation?

We’ve all seen cartoons in which a tiny white, winged angel and a tiny red, horned devil appear on a character’s shoulders to try to convince him or her to do something. It’s supposed to be funny, but the devil is a real being who really interacted with Jesus--and who interacts with us! Being tempted is one of the ways Jesus became like us, so that he could set us an...

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Jerri and Todd Kehoe

Jeri’s Story Jeri grew up in a codependent family. Jeri did everything she could to keep the peace and make everybody happy. As a teenager, she began to look outside of her family to get her own needs met. She moved as far from her family as she could. Jeri’s caretaking tendencies led to marriages to alcoholics and addicts. She pushed God aside to become the...

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