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Replace worry with worship

One of the lessons we learn from Mary’s example is to replace worry with worship. It’s okay to be concerned about your life, and to make plans for your future. But Jesus says do not worry (Matt. 6:25...

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Song is a means of enjoying, honoring, recognizing, and proclaiming God. Human beings were made to sing...

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Mary’s song

Mary’s song lists at least 17 attributes of the God she loves....

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Worshipping instead of worrying

Unmarried. Poor. Young. Pregnant with God. Mary has a lot to worry about. Rather than worrying, however, we find her worshipping in Luke 1:46...

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Life lessons from two couples

Every man and woman should aspire to have faith like Mary’s. By the grace of God, we should aspire to love God, trust God, and serve Jesus like she did. We should long to have the same kind of heartfelt devotion and affection for Jesus as she did. ...

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Ten things we learn about Jesus

The Scriptures are all about Jesus, and we learn ten things about Jesus from the angel Gabriel’s announcement of His birth....

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Favored by God

Gabriel appears to this young girl Mary, and she was startled. Gabriel likely appeared as a man, and men would not have customarily approached and engaged in private with a young woman like that. Additionally, he says that she has found “favor with God.” ...

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The first gospel sermon

Based on how Luke tells her story and describes his research, it is likely that he actually sat down with Mary, an older woman by that time, to ask her questions about her miraculous life. She is a relative of Elizabeth, but when Luke picks up the narrative Mary does not yet know that her elderly cousin is pregnant. Mary is simply a young woman, living a quiet life in a ru...

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The girl who raised God

As the mother of God, Mary is the most significant woman in the history of the world. Mary’s story begins with the Mother of us all: Eve, the first woman in the history of the world....

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Give generously

Since Theophilus has a lot at stake, he hired Luke, a fellow Gentile...

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Be comforted by God’s love

It is stunning and wonderful to think that the longest book of the New Testament was written for one person. Does God love the world? Yes. Does God love all the nations? Yes. Does God love all the cities? Yes. Does He love individuals? Yes, He does. What a great comfort that He would go to such great lengths to actually have one book of the Bible given to one person...

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The beloved physician

Luke is mentioned three times in the New Testament, each time by his close friend Paul. Scholars have noted the amount of medical language used in Luke-Acts as an indicator that Dr. Luke was the author.[3] Paul refers to Luke in Philemon 24 as his “fellow worker.” Luke spent lots of time traveling and laboring side-by-side with Paul in the work of the gospel....

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Who was Theophilus?

Luke’s massive investigation that culminated in his gospel was motivated by his concern for a man named Theophilus and others like him. This friend was possibly not yet a Christian, but wanted to know the truth about Jesus....

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The Truth About Jesus

There is a seemingly insatiable appetite for books, movies, and television shows in which someone with a keen mind is on the hunt to find the truth about an important event....

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